Character Creation

When the call went out from The Exploration Society for brave souls to join an expedition, you were intrigued. When you discovered that a young noble, fourth in some line of succession, was to lead a journey to the Forest Ruins east of Camille’s Hope, you responded. Your reasons were your own, but neither the Noble nor The Society seemed to mind. All that mattered was the chance to recover a trove of lost glory from almost 500 years ago…

The process for character creation in the Edge RPG is weighted in an interesting way. Since generating the character’s “numbers-on-the-page” is a quick and elegant process, a lot of time and energy is put into the details of the character’s background. Your character in Deomeidth are fully actualized people, and thinking about them as such will result in a far more enjoyable experience.

Before you begin making your unique facet in the jewel that is Deomeidth, you should keep the following details in mind regarding this particular adventure:

  • There are no “adventurers” in Deomeidth. The idea of fighting monsters and exploring ruins for a living is alive in stories and songs, but does not happen to most people, even exceptional individuals such as yourself. Most capable characters are in the direct service of a Church, a government, or a powerful organization. True wanderers are few and far between.
  • One player must be willing to play using the special Noble class, act as the party’s leader, and work under certain guidelines set by the GM. All other characters must select from one of the three main classes, but are free from any other limitations.

Step One – Home Nation
Step Two – Class
Step Three – Name
Step Four – Concept & Background
Step Five – Base Stats
Step Six – Skills
Step Seven – Secondary Stats
Step Eight – Class Path & Powers
Step Nine – Advantages & Disadvantages
Step Ten – Wealth & Equipment
Step Eleven – Details

Step One: Select Your Home Nation

In the world of Deomeidth, where you come from is of great importance to who you are as a character – your nation of origin helps sculpt your personality, your world views and your motives. In addition, each nation provides a skill bonus as a part of character creation.

Aigeann: The Aigeanns are a grandiose, seafaring people with what many consider to be an inflated sense of their own importance. They are by far the best sailors in the world and have conquered every island in their vicinity. The Aigeanns also hold land on the main con- tinent which they seized from Fail Cala. Even now, the empire is looking to expand.
(Edge RPG, p. 24)

  • Level 1 in Sail OR Bureaucracy

Alainn: This tiny, beautiful country of orchards and vineyards exists because of the threat of invasion from Braile Corsa to the south. The nobles of the time banded together and did something extraordinary: They voted on who would lead them. In time the vote was expanded to any citizen of legal age. Now, Alainn is the world’s first representative democracy and is still threatened by Braile Corsa.
(Edge RPG, p. 27)

  • Level 1 in Sciences, Social Sciences or History – PICK TWO

Braile Corsa: This country is best known for its extensive swamps and all of the exotic things that come out of them. It has been ruled by the Demon High Lord, Fuilteum, for the last 50 years and is now a bastion for strict law and order. Justice is quick, harsh, and severe. The people say it’s a small price to pay for the security they receive.
(Edge RPG, p. 30)

  • Level 1 in Lore (Demons) OR Medicine

Durlus: A smaller country of forests and villages. Durlus has suffered rough times of late as Nightmare creatures pour out of the forests to the east.
(Edge RPG, p. 33)

  • Level 1 in History OR Survival

Fail-Cala: A coastal country of beautiful architecture and expansive fishing operations. The south coast is full of fishing villages, while the remote north coast is scattered with whaling towns. Fail-Cala has a long brewing war with the Aigeann “Empire” over its eastern territories, and it is believed that it will soon come to a head.
(Edge RPG, p. 36)

  • Level 1 in Etiquette

Farren Shenn: The rolling grasslands of Farran Shenn seem to stretch on forever. This land of herders produces the world’s best horses. Once nomadic tribes are now careful breeders of stock, and exporters of mounted mercenaries. Their matriarchal laws are often unsettling to foreigners.

Machair: The country of Machair is known as the artistic and philosophical capital of the world. This reputation is the result of the efforts of a Angel High Lord known as “The Lady” who has ruled over Machair for the last century. The Lady’s time on earth is nearing an end and there is a great deal of speculation over who will rise up to take her place.

  • Level 1 in Lore (Angels) OR Craft
    (Edge RPG, p. 43)

Sorcha: An old and well-populated country of knights and farmers. It is the largest country in the world, and can field the largest army if a king can get its regional lords to stop their squabbling. The king of Sorcha has just died and there is no known heir to the throne. The country sits on the edge of a civil war and its neighbours are keeping a close watch.
(Edge RPG, p. 46)

  • Level 1 in Language or Larceny

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Step Two: Choose A Class

While the Edge RPG only has three character classes, each class allows a tremendous amount of creativity and depth from which a player may choose:

  • The Edgemaster – The warrior class of Deomeidth, Edgemasters are bound by an ancient code to never seek power for themselves. The draw from the destructive forces of The Edge to empower their unsurpassed martial prowess, but tend to be less adept in .
  • The Chosen – Empowered by the touch of the Celestials, Chosen
  • The Dreamweaver – In touch with the force that empowers the dreams and creativity of all sentient things, Dreamweavers has echoes of the classical mage. Using the force of their will to shape The Weave, they are able to conjure amazing creations out thin air. However, working with The Weave can be dangerous, as they can accidentally release the powers of Nightmares on the world…this is one of the many reasons that Dreamweavers are feared and hated.

This campaign includes a fourth class, intended for the leader of the party:

  • The Noble – An unempowered person of royal lineage, blessed with the training and wealth of such a life, but without the responsibilities or prestige of a proper title.

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Character Creation

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