“There Are Heroes Among You. Become Them.”

It was with these words, over a thousand years ago, that the legendary warrior Rowan shattered his sword and began the Age of Faith. Since that moment, the small sphere known as Deomeidth (DEE-oh-meeth) has been embroiled in a grand transformation. For the first time, the Celestials entered the world, bestowing the power of Faith upon their Chosen. The order of the Edgemasters was reborn, and became dedicated to serving the good of the nations through the power of the Edge. The ranks of the mysterious Dreamweavers, though distrusted because of their mastery of the Weave, continued to grow in secret. Nations rose, wars destroyed, and the face of the world forever changed.

This is the place where you have made your life, and your heart and soul are connected. It is here, in the year 1123 FR, that the fates of the nations of Deomeidth presently rest on the edge of a dagger. Th mighty kingdom of Sorcha has no king, and no successor. The Demon Lord Fuilteum and his theocracy of Braile Corsa stand ready to conquer the peaceful democracy of Alainn. The Angelic matriarch known as The Lady nears the end of her dominion, and has not selected a worthy heir. The mainland nation of Fail-Cala and the islanders of the Aigeann Empire are rushing towards war once again. On the edges of society, strange songs and rumors of Nightmare legions haunt the people. The future of Deomeidth is full of intrigue, adventure, sacrifice and war.

And in a remote ruin on the edge of the remembered world, destiny prepares to change the fate of a small party of explorers, and perhaps that of the entire world.

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Image Credit – Quarry Ruins by Josh Eiten

By The Remembered Sword

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